Opening / Increasing a Position

To open or increase the size of an existing position:

  • Approve the PositionRouter as a Router plugin for your account

    • Router.approvePlugin(PositionRouter address)

  • Approve the Router contract for the token and amount you would deposit as collateral for the position

  • Call PositionRouter.createIncreasePosition with parameters:

    • _path: [collateralToken] or [tokenIn, collateralToken] if a swap is needed

    • _indexToken: the address of the token you want to long or short

    • _amountIn: the amount of tokenIn you want to deposit as collateral

    • _minOut: the min amount of collateralToken to swap for

    • _sizeDelta: the USD value of the change in position size

    • _isLong: whether to long or short

    • _acceptablePrice: the USD value of the max (for longs) or min (for shorts) index price acceptable when executing the request

    • _executionFee: can be set to PositionRouter.minExecutionFee

    • _referralCode: referral code for affiliate rewards and rebates

    • _callbackTarget: an optional callback contract, this contract will be called on request execution or cancellation

  • After this transaction is sent a keeper will execute the request, the request will either be executed or cancelled

  • If the position cannot be increased for reasons such as the _acceptablePrice not being fulfillable or there being insufficient liquidity then the request will be cancelled and funds will be sent back to the msg.sender that called PositionRouter.createIncreasePosition

  • _minOut can be zero if no swap is required

  • USD values for _sizeDelta and _price are multiplied by (10 ** 30), so for example to open a long position of size 1000 USD, the value 1000 * (10 ** 30) should be used

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