Minerva's approach to governance
Governance of Minerva Governance on Minerva is conducted through a voting system, where holders of MINE / allMINE tokens can vote on community proposals that determine the direction of the platform. Voting with MINE Tokens
To participate in voting on Minerva, users must hold MINE / allMINE tokens. These tokens are an illiquid version of the MINE tokens that accrue additional MINE tokens through yield-bearing mechanisms. Once a user holds MINE / allMINE tokens, they can vote on proposals through the Snapshot platform.
Voting on Community Proposals
Community proposals are submitted by users of the platform and can cover a wide range of topics, such as new features, changes to the platform's economics, and more. Users can vote on proposals through the Snapshot platform. The proposal will be implemented if it reaches a certain level of support from the community. This ensures that the direction of the platform is determined by the community and not by a small group of individuals.